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This isn't just a poetry blog. Let's be honest, a lot of what I post is poetry but there are more often than not also postings about short stories. I do try to keep this blog separate from my others and post strictly creative work here. Some of it will be better than others, and much of it is in first or second draft stage when posted. These are raw works, and there will be spelling and grammar troubles at times because I use this blog to gauge what works and what doesn't. I use it as a place to get feedback. That's the reason it is "horrible". Because it's not finished-- And why should it be? We all want feedback but most of us are too afraid to put ourselves out there.

Welcome to my word.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Remnants - part 4


is she behind him or beside
elevated on the narrow ledge
a path of walls
uneven bricks jutted
his slope is flat
a meander
in cobblestones slick
but flat
stone the color of new york haze
road with girth sliding out of frame
her red soul’d shoe lies visible
but only from behind
hers, a petal trodden on
by her own weight
as she climbs the ramp
a seat guarded by walls
or a cliff
maybe she will slip along the ledge
scrape a knee
grasp for his blue jacket
the road wide
they could still walk side by side
slope = 0

©2015 Lex Vex

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