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This isn't just a poetry blog. Let's be honest, a lot of what I post is poetry but there are more often than not also postings about short stories. I do try to keep this blog separate from my others and post strictly creative work here. Some of it will be better than others, and much of it is in first or second draft stage when posted. These are raw works, and there will be spelling and grammar troubles at times because I use this blog to gauge what works and what doesn't. I use it as a place to get feedback. That's the reason it is "horrible". Because it's not finished-- And why should it be? We all want feedback but most of us are too afraid to put ourselves out there.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sing Dirges to the Dust - an odd Sestina

Sing Dirges to the Dust

Dust floats through voids, so stars
sing dirges to the dust.
Cords that once strung up night
on blank banners sing
night's waking birth on
star's backs. A single chord

sings not quite out of tune. This chord
on smack, on crack, the breath of a star
stars at this concerto, high on
night-waking dreams. Lazy calloused bones dust
chords across the fretboard and lives sing.
Dusty, in the backroom rests dreaming night--

on and under used, this night,
night abandoned, strikes the dissonant chord
dust bellowing up, spreading out to sing
chords multiple, uniform, monolithic, bigger than a universal host of sun-stars.
Stars become we, we become dust,
singing the pantheon of the past and future forever on.

Sing dirges to the dust;
Stars at this concerto, high on
night abandoned, strike the dissonant sound. 

© 2014 Lex Vex

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